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Hotel Verfort Hyuga Annex 1st floor Ikesu Tairyo-ya. Abundant fish of the Hyuga Nada are swimming in the cage. You can have a meal while watching the life at the counter. Ikesu Tairyi-ya proud fish dishes please enjoy.

Business hours


Ikesu Tairyo-ya popular menu

We have menus more than 170 kinds, introduce a part.

Sashimi platter
Each kind live making
Chef Recommended restaurant dinner
Spiny lobster sashimi
sashimi set meal
Japanese food set meal
A native chicken
Chicken namban set meal
Original dinner set
Seafood bowl set
Clam grilled with salt
Wagyu steak
Sushi gozen
※Some items may not be available due to parchasing conditions and seasons.

Our restaurant can offer various dishes such as japanese food, westernfood, and sushi accoding to your wishes.
Among them as a popular menu,"Original dinner set","Japanese food set meal","Sushi gozen","Sashimi platter","A native chicken" etc...

Ikesu Restaurant "Tairyo-maru"

"Tairyo-maru"is a restaurant in Hyuga-shi Mimitsu.The restaurant which can overlook the Pacific.

Tairyomaru's web site

Karaoke "Utai Max"

It is the karaoke box which is next to the our hotel.It comprises various types of rooms and the latest karaoke delivery system and can support a variety of uses.

Karaoke "Utai Max" web site